Heating your party or wedding reception marquee

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Heating your party or wedding reception marquee Heating your Party or Wedding Reception Marquee is as important as booking your marquee. Providing a warm welcoming venue for your party or wedding reception is a clear make or break for the evening. Without heating in the correct manner your guests will ether move into another building [...]

Planning a marquee wedding

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Planning a marquee wedding Having a marquee wedding is an opportunity to create a unique venue to celebrate one of the most important days of your life. From a country park, back garden or a field with a stunning view, we can build your vision anywhere you have the space. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, whatever [...]

To make an entrance

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To make an entrance Marquee entrances can be made up in all different shapes and sizes. The entrance to your marquee, whether a wedding or party, can have a massive effect and begin to tell the story for the event your guests are about to experience. Time Marquees are a premium quality long established Marquee [...]