Time to get cosy: marquee party solutions for autumn weather

Russet leaves, burnished conkers, jolly orange jack-o’-lanterns. Silver frosts, gossamer grey mists, rainbow bright fireworks… but not always clear blue skies.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but the British weather can often leave us feeling like it’s cast a rather mean spell on us, especially if we’re throwing a party in Hampshire, Berkshire or Surrey and looking to hire a marquee. And what with Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas and New Year just around the corner, it’s definitely celebration season.

So how do you make sure your party goes with a bang – even if the skies bring tricks rather than treats? Marquees can still make a delightful celebration space, not just in spring and summer.

With a little forward planning, you can not only face whatever the weather brings, you can actually embrace the character of the season in a way that enhances the atmosphere of your get-together wonderfully.

Baby, it’s cold outside

As a marquee hire company in the South East of England, it’s safe to say we’ve dealt with the odd cold snap. That’s why we have a range of heating options to keep your guests feeling warm and toasty in the marquee, even when the mercury drops.

Our indirect warm air heaters are available in a variety of sizes to work in any marquee. Because they’re relatively quiet they won’t compete with the live music or DJ. Hardy creatures, they’ll sit outside the marquee with a vent fitted in the marquee blowing the air in, so you don’t have to worry that they’ll be an eyesore.
We can also fit a solid door onto the marquee entrance to keep the warmth in and add extra sophistication.

Any guests who smoke won’t want to turn cadaverous with cold, so we can also provide patio heaters which can be positioned in any outside areas. An open-sided pagoda gives structure and offers a little extra shelter from rain, sleet and any low-flying broomsticks.

People also love these options for fireworks parties, as guests can enjoy the display without getting frostbite!——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Trap those muddy goblins under the floorboards

Rain, rain, go away! If only it was that easy. In the autumn months, wet weather is a sure bet. Chances are that your marquee will be erected in a field or garden, which could run the risk of turning into a mud bath. Placing a boarded floor in your marquee is essential in autumn and winter months to firm up soft and waterlogged ground, and this is something we can certainly arrange for you.

No need to make wellies the dress code for your soirée. We can build walkways to take guests from the parking area through to the main marquee, keeping them protected from all the elements.

Concerned about parking in the soggy field? You can also talk to us about arranging a trackway for cars so that you don’t have to invite The AA and Green Flag to the afterparty.

Bog monsters, be gone!

Perhaps the only thing more likely than the odd drop of rain or gust of cold wind is that people at your party are going to need the loo! But who wants to stumble though the night every time?

Fortunately, we can provide luxury lavatory units that can also be integrated in connected marquees so guests don’t need to go outside to get to the toilet. Perfect for anyone who’s afraid of the dark…or just those wearing skimpy frocks.

Gathering around the glow

A fire pit or bonfire has been a part of celebrations since ancient times and it’s a tradition that just becomes more lovely with age – especially in the cooler months. Introducing this feature outside your marquee on a cold autumn night is one way you can really embrace the charm of autumn at your party.

Guests can gather around with marshmallows, cocoa, mulled cider made with English apples, or even champagne. It draws people together and provides a simple yet memorable focal point.

A little light and magic

If your party is happening in the daytime, with a clear roof you can let the last of the winter sun come streaming through. We offer pleated ivory or flat marquee linings in winter white.

The days are getting shorter but the silver lining of that cloud is that it opens up a whole range of lighting options. Lanterns and candles softly illuminate the space and you can get battery operated versions for safety first. As the nights draw in, constellations of fairy lights are an easy way to create a twinkly starlight roof – and an even more magical setting.

Planning an autumn or winter celebration and looking for a marquee hire company in the South East? Time Marquees is marquee tent hire expert covering Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey and we can help make your party ideas happen, whatever the weather. Call us on 0118 973 6444 or email sales@time-marquees.co.uk