Creating unforgettable events for all with accessible marquee hire

Creating unforgettable events for all with accessible marquee hire

Hosting a memorable event is all about setting the stage for a fantastic experience. Whether it’s a dreamy garden wedding, a lively corporate gathering, or an intimate birthday party, the right marquee can transform any space into a magical occasion.

But have you thought about making your marquee hire not only stylish but accessible to all?

When planning for your event, it’s important to consider the experience of all your guests, including people with health conditions or impairments.

Time Marquees is an experienced marquee hire company and we have been supplying high quality marquees across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey since the 1990s. Our expertise covers weddings, parties, balls, graduation ceremonies, community and sporting events – and much more.

Our friendly family business is keen to support you in every way we can as you plan your event. We are keen to share our knowledge with you, to help create a more inclusive occasion with accessible marquee hire.

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Understanding accessibility in event spaces

Accessibility isn’t just about ramps and wider doorways; it’s about creating an environment where every guest feels welcome and valued.

Consider which of your guests might have mobility challenges – or other needs. These needs might not always be visible, so ask everyone on your guest list when you first notify them about your event. For example, when you send a ‘save the date’ message.

Perhaps not everyone will feel comfortable about sharing this information about themselves, but if you ask it will likely give you some more knowledge to plan your accessible event accordingly.

As well as wheelchair users, you may need to adapt your event to make accessible for people with visual or hearing impairments, as well as neurodivergent individuals, and those with epilepsy, allergies, diabetes, or mental health conditions.

The power of marquees is their versatility

When it comes to hosting events, marquees are versatile gems that can cater to a variety of occasions. From lavish weddings to casual parties, marquees offer the flexibility to adapt to your theme and vision.

The beauty of marquee hire lies in its ability to transform any area into a captivating space that reflects your unique style. Not only that, but the modular nature of marquees also means they can be laid out in ways that help make your event accessible for all guests.

You can opt for one of a variety of structures when you choose Time Marquees for your accessible event, including large clearspan marquees, medium size stretch tents and smaller pagodas – or a combination of these.

We can also recommend suppliers from our trusted network, who will be able to work around the needs of your guests. For example, caterers who can create a nut-free buffet.

How to create an accessible marquee

When you work with Time Marquees, we will have a full consultation with you and conduct a site visit to establish your event needs.

Here are solutions to some of the most common accessibility challenges:

  • Wide marquee entrances with ramps, rather than steps, making it easy for guests with mobility aids to enter the marquee without hassle.

  • Flat marquee flooring inside the marquee to assist those with mobility challenges.

  • Covered and well-lit pathways in outdoor areas such as fields and gardens.

  • Thoughtful seating, including chairs without arms for comfortable manoeuvring and plenty of clear space to move freely.

  • A seating arrangement that accommodates assistance dogs and/or carers alongside guests.

  • Soft, diffused lighting and sound management to create a sensory-friendly environment, ensuring that all guests enjoy the event to the fullest.

  • Positioning entertainment and presentation areas at an inclusive height.

  • Dining and drinking settings that are safe for those with allergies.

  • Inclusive toilets with features that ensure the comfort of all your guests. You can hire luxury loos from our sister company, Deluxe Loos.

  • Quieter, more private areas for those who may need them for any reason.

Every event is different, with unique requirements, so we will make your marquee layout bespoke to your guest list and event style.

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Why collaborate with a marquee hire company?

Planning and throwing an accessible event is a complex operation. The flexibility of marquees helps solve many accessibility challenges, but it is likely you will need specialised equipment and knowledge as well if you are to achieve successful results.

Time Marquees will be able to provide or source everything that’s needed, in addition to the marquee itself; taking care of all the set-up and breakdown too. Everything we provide is of high quality and safety is a top priority at all times. We’ll be on call during your event if you encounter any problems, so you can enjoy your event with peace of mind.

Creating a memorable event isn’t just about the decorations, food, or entertainment. It’s about fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging for all your guests. We are here to support you as the host of an event that will be fondly remembered by every single person there.

Need marquee hire for an accessible event? Time Marquees is a reliable and adaptable event marquee hire company covering Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Call our friendly team on 0118 973 6444 or email to chat through your requirements.