Think you can’t have a party at home?

Your home is many things…

It’s where you go to find security and sanctuary. Memories are made there. You express yourself through its colours and designs. Everybody’s home is unique! So, it makes perfect sense that you would want to celebrate a special occasion in your own beloved house and/or garden.

However, so many people relegate this wish to the daydream pile because they anticipate practical issues. For some, their quest for the ideal celebration space ends up in an external location that they feel just as excited about, but for others it’s a ‘second best’ to their preferred option, at home.

As marquee hire experts in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey, we’ve provided marquees since the 1990s for a multitude of different venues, including many home settings where the organiser hadn’t previously thought it was possible to throw their party – or even a wedding reception. We love to show off what’s possible with marquees, so we relish the challenge!

But my house is tiny!

Worried you can’t have a party at home because your living space is on the ‘bijou’ side? Time Marquees hires out marquees of all sizes to help you extend your party area beyond your home and into your garden, so you can invite more of the people who matter (and not spend the evening mortified by the fact that one of them had to perch on the dog’s bed because there was nowhere else to sit).

In our blog Transforming everyday spaces: how to throw an impressive party in your garden we told you about some smaller marquee options that work well in typical garden spaces. Pagodas and stretch tents start as small as 7.5x10m and fit in most gardens, creating a fantastic cover when you just need a little bit more room to celebrate.

But my garden is an awkward shape and on a slope!

When you consider that we once put up a marquee over a swimming pool, a tricky layout filled with obstacles and strange gradients is a walk in the park (well, the garden). We can visit you at home and assess your desired party area to provide a marquee solution that will overcome the challenges standing inbetween you and your desired big bash.

Take a look at our guide to Marquee Solutions for Awkward Spaces where we get to grips with L-shaped gardens. Our radial arm marquee not only fits the space, gives you two entertaining areas. Our clients have used this versatility to ‘zone’ their party into dining/dancing, adults/kids, games area/bar and wild/chilled!

If your garden is on variable level, we’ll raise the floor of the marquee to create one flat space using a premium cassette floor or interlocking boarded floor with a sub-frame. Marquee legs can also be extended to cover different heights and you don’t need a patio – we can put the marquee up on grass, too.

But my garden is filled with trees/statues/water features!

From sculptures, trees and sheds, to duck ponds and dove cotes, don’t let the lack of a clear lawn or patio stop you from considering your home and garden as a party venue.

Our marquee options have the flexibility to work around features such as these so that they become woven into the party in a novel way. Maybe you’ll put fairy lights around the trees, up light a sculpture or put floating candles on a pond. Get inspired with our feature on marquee lighting.

And if your garden has different areas, we can create links between marquees to create one seamless entertaining space.

But won’t my guests get cold out there?

There’s no greater certainty than the unpredictability of the weather in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. If your party or wedding is happening in the colder, wetter months you could might be particularly reticent to opt for a marquee over an indoor venue, for fear that your friends and family will be shivering over their champagne with mud on their party shoes.

Far from it! As we explained in our article Time to get cosy: marquee party solutions for autumn weather, we can supply indirect warm air heaters in a variety of sizes to work in any marquee. They’re quiet and we put them outside the marquee with a vent fitted in the marquee blowing the air in, so they won’t steal the show from your celebration décor.

We can also fit a solid door onto the marquee entrance to keep the warmth in and we supply patio heaters which can be positioned in any outside areas.

Our clever walkways, floorboards and dancefloors will prevent anyone from falling over (because of mud, at least!) if it’s a little wet underfoot.

See, you CAN have a party at home! So, no more excuses… whether you’re planning a wedding or a knees-up for an 18 or 80 year old’s birthday (or any age in between) – let the party begin!

Thought you couldn’t have a party in your house and garden? Now you know you can, contact Time Marquees to discuss how we can help you create another wonderful memory at home. Call us on 0118 973 6444 or email to discuss your requirements.